Our Offer for Schools and Colleges


There are several elements to the HeppSY offer to schools and colleges in 23/24. This includes three strands of provision: Targeted Outreach, Strategic Outreach and Attainment Raising.

In this section you can find out more information about our three strands of provision for 2023-2024.

Our Offer is compliant with safeguarding in remote and online learning and our delivery team have been fully trained to deliver safely online.

Additionally, to the information about the three strands of work, with us you can also access:

  • Free, high quality resources for teachers and advisers to enable school-led delivery – accessed via HeppHUB 
  • Signposting to our wider partnership provision, including activity provided by our university partners
  • CPD provision for teachers, advisers and other key influencers, facilitated through HeppSY, partner delivery and online resources
Students in a workshop
Targeted Outreach Strategic Outreach Attainment Raising

Targeted Outreach

The Targeted Outreach strand is framed around sustained and progressive interventions for young people in Year 11-13 in areas where the proportion of young people entering higher education is low compared to GCSE attainment.

The strand aims to tackle the key barriers young people face in relation to higher education progression and decision making. This strand will include access to a suite of workshops and assemblies, HeppFEST as well as access to free resources from HeppHUB.

Interactive workshops

  • facilitated by HeppSY staff to no more than 35 learners in one classroom
  • delivered face-to-face or virtually
  • seminar style
  • 45-60 minutes

Assembly-style presentations

  • more traditional lecture/presentation-based input
  • delivered face-to-face or virtually
  • up to a whole year group/larger cohort of students in a suitable venue
  • 20-30 minutes
  • can be extended with an optional Q&A with our delivery team
  • can be delivered back-to-back where appropriate

I can ACHIEVE...

To help students develop their academic confidence, mindset and their resilience to setbacks. This strand will support students to explore their inspiration and motivation to achieve.

I BELONG in Higher Education...

To challenge stereotypes, address misconceptions and show students the power of role models and influencers. This strand will help students know they belong in Higher Education.

I UNDERSTAND what Higher Education is...

To help students understand the costs and benefits of higher education, to enable them to make an informed choice. Students will understand how to fund their Higher Education journey, the support they can access and what studying at Higher Education looks like. This strand shows students where Higher Education can really take them.

Strategic Outreach

Strategic outreach focuses on delivering sustained engagement intervention programmes for students who are in underrepresented groups – meaning these students are statistically less likely to progress into Higher Education. Our projects will aim to address some of the additional barriers to progression into Higher Education for these students through a range of interventions.

Pre-16 projects

In 2023/24 we are running two pre-16 projects, both aimed at Year 9 students – one for white disadvantaged boys and one for BAME disadvantaged females.

Post-16 projects

Our post-16 projects are aimed at young carers and care-experienced students and will run across their time in sixth form/college, starting in the spring of Year 12/Level 3 Year 1 and running for a full year.

All of these strategic outreach projects will include:

  • launch event
  • small group workshops
  • Higher Education campus visits
  • skill-based activities
  • cultural activities
  • celebration event

Within these activities, each project will have bespoke elements to address the specific barriers that each group of students may face in their progression to HE.

Bespoke projects

There is also the potential for centres to work with us on bespoke projects that will address the specific needs of an underrepresented group within your centre.

Your Engagement Manager will discuss these projects in more detail with you and will guide centres on how they can get involved with our strategic outreach projects.

Group of students on a university campus tour

Attainment Raising

This academic year, HeppSY are launching three projects to support attainment raising in South Yorkshire schools.


GOALS Breakfast Club

Growing Our Achievement, Learning and Skills

Devised in partnership with South Yorkshire Children’s University, the GOALS Breakfast Club aims to boost attainment by developing students’ independent learning, goal setting and problem solving through a series of fun, challenging activities.

The project will be open to Y7, 8 and 9 students who are entitled to free school meals and will consist of 12 x 30-minute early morning sessions where students will be guided to research and plan a funding application for a school enrichment resource. The project will culminate in the successful bid being funded by HeppSY and enjoyed by the school as a legacy resource.

Breakfast will be provided for all participating students.

The Elephant Group Logo

The Elephant Group – Meta Method

Devised in partnership with The Elephant Group, this is a two-year project that will support Y10 students as they move into Y11. The aim of the project is to boost GCSE attainment by teaching students how to recognise, understand and apply various metacognition techniques.

Sessions will take place during the school day and will be delivered by The Elephant Group and HeppSY. Participating students must be eligible for free school meals and have the potential to achieve a high grade at GCSE.

  • 6 x 1-hour sessions will be delivered in Y10 this year
  • 5 x 1-hour sessions will be delivered in Y11 next year

Students will receive free equipment and study aids funded by HeppSY.

Grade Shifter Logo

Grade Shifter

Devised in collaboration with humanities specialists in partner schools, this project aims to boost attainment in GCSE Geography and History by supporting Y11 students with subject specific help and broader study strategies.

HeppSY will fund the development of subject specific revision resources which will be delivered by the subject teacher; HeppSY staff will deliver content focusing on academic resilience, study skills and stress-busting techniques.

The project will be delivered in 4 x 1-hour sessions during curriculum time. Students will receive free equipment and study aids funded by HeppSY. Participating students must be eligible for free school meals and have the potential to achieve a grade 4 or above in the humanities subject they are studying.