Careers Digital Suite

These subject specific series of slides were created by HE Progression Advisors and are intended to be used as starter activities within lessons, to help your learners link course content to careers they could explore in the future. Each subject listed below contains 5 – 6 slides that inform learners of the skills they are developing, careers relating to that subject and a selection of university level courses within that subject area.

Subjects have been divided so that there are pre-16 and post-16 resources for you to explore. Post-16 resources have additional labour market information slides to illustrate where graduates work, and list specific Higher Education course at a range of institutions.  

These slides are a fantastic way of working towards Gatsby Benchmark 4 – ‘linking curriculum learning to careers’. These resources are also designed so that no prior knowledge is needed to deliver them effectively. 

We are keen to include details of how these resources have been used and welcome any feedback on these slides. Please contact one of our Engagement Managers to inform them how these slides have been used within your institution. 

Pre-16 downloads

Post-16 downloads