Students at Darton Academy discover exciting career pathways

Thursday 27th February 2020

Year 9, 10 and 11 students at Darton Academy in Barnsley recently took part in a “careers in the curriculum day”, run by HeppSY’s Higher Education Progression Adviser (HEPAs).

The day-long visit covered a range of different subjects, including Science, History and IT. The sessions allowed the students to learn more about where studying these subjects at higher education could take them, and how important it is to know the different options available to them.

As part of the sessions, the students were set a research task about existing roles within the specific subject area, including lesser known roles the students may not previously have thought of.

In the Science session, the HEPAs focused on careers within Forensic Sciences. Students were introduced to a mock crime scene and learnt how to take fingerprints of ‘suspects.’ They learnt about the importance of personal protective equipment in these situations, and wore body suits, gloves and face masks to refrain from transferring any of their DNA on to their crime scene.

The session enabled HeppSY to support Darton in hitting Gatsby Benchmark 4, linking curriculum learning to careers, as well as continuing to increase the students’ knowledge of their options both at Post 16 and Post 18. Students were also made aware of the variety of pathways into the options they could take in higher education and the associated careers.

HEPA, Rachel Crowder, said of the day: “The sessions were great, and they really make the students think about the skills they gain through those subjects and where the topics can lead them.”

HEPAs offer “careers in the curriculum sessions” as part of the wider HeppSY offer. They provide the school with careers information advice and guidance expertise. To book a HEPA session or find out how they can help you meet the Gatsby benchmarks, contact your regional HE Progression Adviser or School and College Programme Manager .