Our resource package consists of a series of 4 stages of activities. Each of the activities takes no more than about ten minutes to complete. Resources can be completed through a paper based printed format or a web based series of quizzes. Start at stage 1 and work through to stage 4.

Stage 1: This comic book style sheet begins with a photograph setting the scene and context Spring 2020 all across the UK… …on a Thursday evening at 8pm. It goes on to introduce the Hero categories that we will go on to further explore. Fed, Healthy, Connected and Safe.

Stage 2: What Type of Hero Could you Be? This is a quiz made of a series of questions with no right or wrong answers that explores the type of person the user is. From here you are directed to one of four employment categories to explore.

Stage 3: A3 Flow Charts, There are four employability maps to explore in each the user considers a range of motivations as well as employability skills to develop a personalised route through the map to a chosen destination. The destination leads to a last stage.

Stage 4: A3 Signposting material, Returning to the photograph images of real people in work and depending on where you landed at the end of stage 3 you reach a destination outcome where the user is encouraged to explore more about that ‘Future Hero’ career option.

Healthy: Stages 3 & 4

Safe: Stages 3 & 4

Connected: Stages 3 & 4

Fed: Stages 3 & 4