Parent Blog: Jennie – The Benefits of Higher Education

Friday 23rd March 2018

Jennie has two sons, the eldest is currently at Loughborough University, studying a sports coaching degree and the youngest son is working through his GCSEs.

In my experience I have found that without a degree it has made job prospects harder for myself and it has taken years to get the relevant experience. Therefore, without hesitation, I advised my eldest son to look into going into University and getting a degree in something he wanted to do rather than be pushed into a job out of necessity. Having to struggle to get where I am today, doesn’t it make sense that I want my sons not to struggle? As a parent we all want what is best for our children and strive to make sure their lives are not as difficult as ours. This is why I advise higher education to help get the jobs that students actually want rather than a monthly wage they need. I say to my children make the most of their lives and do not live with regret later. Children are now at school exceeding expectations because we are so more advanced than we used to be and we know that students are benefitting from this knowledge.

My eldest son moved away to Loughborough University which has turned out to be one of the best decisions he has made. He has met many people he would never have the opportunity of meeting and has learnt to be self-sufficient; otherwise I am sure he would have relied on me to do his ironing and cooking forever! He has experienced getting employment, learning about interviews and how to write CV’s all with guidance. He is also getting to practice how to do a good presentation which is vital in many interviews. He has taken advice from the careers service there and students can also receive support for future job opportunities as well.

The misconceptions I have heard are that when you receive student finance you will not be able to get a mortgage. This is definitely not the case and as with all bills you have to pay, everything is taken in to consideration by the lender to make sure you can manage repayments and are not struggling. My son is already saving for his first flat with the government scheme help to buy and he is already talking about future investments into more property to rent to other students.

I am not advising that everyone’s son/daughter should leave home and go to university however, I am advising some form of higher education in whatever form is suitable for them. This could be College, Apprenticeship or University and do not always have to move away from home to get the student experience.

With that said please always go to open events and ask the relevant questions to make sure you and your children are making the right decisions, gaining the right knowledge to make this the smoothest transition possible.

Parents Benefits of Higher Education